Eruwa, Oyo State

My grandma’s burial was last weekend, Nov 18 – 19 at Eruwa in Oyo state. I really loved her because of her passion for her grandkids. She was always interested in anything you had to discuss with an ever ready smile to start and end the discussion.

I recall the vacation she spent at my place in the early 90’s while I was still in Abeokuta, Iya Anke as she was fondly called always had something amusing to say about every situation through out her stay with us.

I miss you ma…


Ile, The Photo Exhibition

Ile was a photo exhibition born out of need to implore everyone especially Nigerians to get in touch with their culture and heritage. Our origins represent heritages passed on from generation to generation. It is our collective duty to ensure that they are not neglected and passed on from our generation to the next.

Through photographs of dilapidation and decay in physical inanimate structures as a result of their neglect or lack of maintenance, I want to survey the metaphor of the current state of our heritages. I hope these pictures take us all back to our origins.

We must contribute to their socio-cultural development and pass on their moral codes to the next generation as the survival of our heritages depend on us consciously refusing to neglect.

This exhibition is a call to everyone to get in touch physically and mentally with their origin before everything we once cherished about them is lost.


The exhibition was held at The Jaekel House Museum, Nigeria Railway Compound, Ebute Metta from Oct 29th – Nov 12 in collaboration with Legacy 1995 Nigeria, a building and environmental interest group in Nigeria.


Please find below some of the pictures exhibited and guests at the museum.



I always wondered why we had no family portraits as a child. They obviously took one before I was born ūüė¶ ¬†because I saw pictures of my sister carrying my brother when he was a baby, my brother’s birthday, etc. However, Codi, did not get any!

So, I was deeply honored (psyches) when my sister told me to come with my camera to shoot the family which happens to be our first picture together in 25 years. I think I will never be happier shooting anything as I felt taking pictures of my Family.

Mum wanted neatly arranged and behaved adults taking pictures but she was not going to get that. I had to channel my inner 4 year old in to every picture after all, I never got to take any as a 4 year old.

Family is important, share the happy moments with them ¬†while you still can…

light painting sessions

 i have always been fascinated with light painting photogrpahy. It’s a genre you actually get to scribble in the air and create ‘art’. 

I went light painting in lekki with LanaBlack (check him out on Instagram) and it was totally worth it. 

Please find below pictures from lekki and abstracts from Ikorodu road.