A journey through time

I traveled to Abeokuta last week to visit my parents and I was greeted by the same scenery I saw when I became old enough to recall things. Abeokuta is stuck in time.The Ogun state government can build all the flyover bridges and “air-conditioned pedestrians bridges” they can think of, in the end, stepping into the ancient city feels like stepping into an ancient city. Homecoming always feels like I am back in my childhood, every untarred road feels like another “koro” waiting to be explored.

Kids still smile at you like there is not a worry in the world and everyone is willing to explain whatever it is you need to know like a “koro”to link the next street.

I decided to walk this journey through time with my camera and the pictures/moments below are what time  delivered to me:

I am quietly happy for the opportunity to make this journey and also sad the city has simply refused to come out from the rock of under-development…


6 thoughts on “A journey through time

  1. I get your point about underdevelopment, I wish the government can modernise the city but still allow it to be the ancient beauty that it is. But this is Nigeria… nice pics bro

  2. Nostalgic feelings right now as I looked through these pics,I miss Abeokuta(never knew I would miss it this much). I know I will get emotional when u decide to capture lantoro(abule oloni).you are doing really good dima,I love the way you put emotions in words as u describe ur pics.This ur line of photography is so cool.well done,bro.

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