I always wondered why we had no family portraits as a child. They obviously took one before I was born 😦  because I saw pictures of my sister carrying my brother when he was a baby, my brother’s birthday, etc. However, Codi, did not get any!

So, I was deeply honored (psyches) when my sister told me to come with my camera to shoot the family which happens to be our first picture together in 25 years. I think I will never be happier shooting anything as I felt taking pictures of my Family.

Mum wanted neatly arranged and behaved adults taking pictures but she was not going to get that. I had to channel my inner 4 year old in to every picture after all, I never got to take any as a 4 year old.

Family is important, share the happy moments with them  while you still can…

10 thoughts on “Portrait

  1. Dima (lemme not complete it)lol.you indeed wore ur naughty and silly hat this beautiful sunday.trying to make my evercool mum loose her coolness.but it was all good and fun,I’m simply Grateful to God for His mercies towards us.
    Very nice writeup and very beautiful pics as well.Love u bro

  2. Yeye guy, now my head is empty as to what to say……..1st time I’m actually viewing your photos on my pc(dont feel bad, I always view with my phone nut never leave a comment-long things) and you’re doing a good job of taking photos and being inconsistent about the job itself…Keep up the good work and grind the hustle harder.

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