We have all heard of the Israelis’ journey out of Egypt, if you haven’t, at least you have seen Gods and Kings? Yet, we are not here to discuss that physical journey but a mental jailbreak.

Over 99% of young people in this part of the world have been brought up to follow a protocol, protocol being:

  • Get good grades in school
  • Get a good job (work for someone)
  • Work as long as possible
  • Save as much as possible
  • Marry
  • Kids
  • Retire
  • Die

I do not know about you, but I have given it a serious thought and I doubt you can ever make a mark in this world working for someone forever (till you retire). Working for someone means playing by their rules, protocols and path; BORING . The only person that deserves all your dedication till you die is your god or God.

Exodus is a challenge and a new path, do not let go of the dreams you had growing up. Work for someone for awhile because it will/might help you find a rhythm for your own dreams. The moment you feel they are starting to choke your dreams, please leave! Leave and chase what your heart desires. I heard someone say, “You dream starts to get closer to you (reality) when you start chasing it”. Which invariably means, the dream gets farther from reality when you ignore it.

Yes, I keep saying dreams, the greatest inventions in the world started with dreams. They turned real because someone somewhere did not lose sight of them.

I never know how to conclude when I write, blame my ADD 😦

I have been working on a project, Exodus. It is an attempt to create surreal images out of everyday objects. I love surreal and you can guess why???

Please find below, pictures from the ongoing project. I hope to exhibit them someday somewhere soon.

Have a great week!

One thought on “Exodus

  1. Great. I suppose the paintings will depict the zigzag of the Israelites journey and even life’s journey…seems unending!

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