Lagos: Hustle n Hope, The Exhibition

Happy Easter, even though it’s the very last day of the Christian celebration. Hope it has been a peaceful and positive one for you and your loved ones?

My great friend, Logor of is having an exhibition (his first of many to come). As a fellow photographer, I couldn’t help but be glad his  work will be seen by people outside his immediate circle. The exhibition is being hosted by Rele Gallery situated at 5 Military Street, Onikan, Lagos.

The blog title takes its name from the exhibition title, Lagos: Hustle and Hope. Photography helps to steal a moment in time, preserve that moment and allow everyone appreciate not just the moment but the circumstances it was taken. A picture about child slavery could make a viewer go on to be an activist because of the moment the photographer stole.

Lagos: Hustle and Hope seeks to highlight Lagos in three stages;

  • Places: Depicting the buildings, iconic places and how the places form the people.
  • People: Depicting the city as an extension of its people, Lagos owns its galore to the people who are constantly trying to change it but end up being changed by Lagos instead.
  • Living: Depicting surviving in Lagos, “Eko o gba gbere” meaning “Lagos has no space for dullness”, living and surviving in Lagos is governed supremely by this unwritten law.

Please call 07063785013 if you can not locate Military Street, Onikan. Kindly go appreciate everyone exhibiting their works, they all deserve your support.


Do have a splendid April.

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