Quantum of Solace

Happy new year dear reader, this is coming rather late but it is better than not wishing you a great year. Did you do the whole new year new me? Well, I did not. Primarily because I have learnt to view days as days and not weeks or months or years. Every day is a new day, so just wake up and take ownership of your life, work and dreams.

Then again, I just wished you a Happy new year???

For this post, I am posing a question which I hope everyone can respond to. What is your quantum of solace. What is that one thing or place you can always trust to get you back to YOU. “Somewhere only you know”

To be frank, I wish I could say mine was Photography like I was very sure but truth is, I never always want to pick up a camera and go painting with light. Although I am always happier when I am done.

The following pictures are from January 1, 2015. Yes, the first day of 365 days. My advice: “Don’t be in a rush to make sense of this year; don’t be too slow to not recognize your opportunity this year and don’t tell/show people your Quantum of Solace”.

The pictures consist of Fireworks (photographed to look like fire), Friends, Bokehs and this building that just evoked peace.

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