Iwuli elu , Nzọụkwụ na Ụzọ ụkwụ

Hint : The title is in a Nigerian Language.

Compliments of the season, kids are probably the only ones still enjoying Christmas. These days, December passes you by like a ghost. We still have to treasure the little moments though and who best to make us enjoy this season than little kids.

I once saw a little child shake a beggar on the street, the smile on the beggars face said it all; “someone finally recognises me as a being and not a thing”. My post today is about a dance studio I stumbled upon, the kids were being taught ballet and it was pure joy. I’d advise anyone who is depressed to find a carol performed by kids to attend, it will definitely help you rediscover the joys of childhood.

Please find below pictures from the dance studio, I tried as much as possible to capture motion (ghost trails/joy) as against statics:


4 thoughts on “Iwuli elu , Nzọụkwụ na Ụzọ ụkwụ

  1. Nice job! Yeah kids really brighten anywhere they are.Let’s also remember those kids this season in orphanages who do not have people to celebrate this joyful moment with and by doing so welcome christ into our homes through the joy and love in the hearts and eyes of those kids.May God bless us as we do so, Amen

    1. Wow, this is so deep. Well i’d gladly go to the orphanages to see them smile and make them realise that they can still be happy regardless of their status quo…

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