notturni , bokeh e writher

Please have fun translating the title without using our dear Google translate.

Hope your week was grand and fruitful. 2014 is fast running out and we are virtually picking all day these days. Funny part is, master is making us plan the quantity of… we shall pick in 2015 from now. How nice of him, I think he called it BUDGET .

I was going through my catalog recently and I noticed some old pictures I never edited not to talk of posting. They are all shots from the night,  bokehs from my deeply rooted urge to be uncharacteristic (psycho-alert!!!). Learn to do the uncharacteristic (sadly learning to be uncharacteristic is being characteristic), reinvent the invented and stop standing… MOVE!

You will have to take your time to enjoy these pictures; You could even stare at them all day sef, lol. Tell your master I said you needed the whole day to appreciate writher, nightscapes and bokehs.


…this should have been posted on Saturday, instead we budgeted from 9am – 9pm planning 2015. What was most amazing for me was that I was not perturbed, three weeks ago and I will have thrown a serious tantrum. The reason organizations succeed is because they plan. They might not spend 12 hours/day locked somewhere planning though, but they do not step out without being geared up. If you are a young man or lady out there and 2015 is supposed to be the breakout year??? Please find a private space and plan, project, build, condemn, destroy, analyze your ideas for the coming year. Finally, hand the end result to your “God”.

Do have a beautiful day, week, month…


8 thoughts on “notturni , bokeh e writher

  1. Thanks for the advice on planning. Yes you need to time to appreciate these pictures…. I need them on my bedroom wall.

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