Assurez la photographie en noir et blanc contre couleur

Do not be scared, the title is the only French you will see in this post. Launch Google translate if you need to know what it means by the way.

You think you will do only one form of photography all your life till a friend asks if you can help build a catalog for her blog, a makeup and fashion blog. I almost screamed NO!!!!! but then I felt it was a challenge and Egba Men do not say NO to challenges (We hide under Olumo rock instead).

I must say I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the two models, mostly because we were communicating the whole time while being molested by Taylor Swift’s album as administered by the model and the makeup artiste. There was some dynamism to the whole shoot and most of the poses were strut as the shoot progressed. I learnt that man can do anything as far as he truly wants to do it (or his life depends on it).

The makeup was done by Bgorgeous, the models were Motunrayo and Bgorgeous, and photographed by moi.

I have created a collage of Makeup in black and white, and color. Surprisingly, makeup in monochrome is still awesome.  All hail Monochrome…


4 thoughts on “Assurez la photographie en noir et blanc contre couleur

  1. These are gorge, Dimeji. I’m almost convinced that you should be a beauty photographer…that is if such exist. This is awesome really and you might just get the contract to cover my wedding 😉

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