Canvas 2

You finally go on leave, time to be selfish and go do the things you always wanted to do while at work. Then they call at work that they need you BRIEFLY; the parents call that they have not seen you in months; you recall you have not renewed your license and FRSC is gonna have a soiree when they finally get your egba ass.

In all, you learn life is not always as we planned. My leave came and left like it never came. My sister’s introduction ate a little of it but I am glad it did. It was a splendid event apart from the MC that just wanted to make a billion that day.

I promised I was going to post the dark  pictures in Canvas 1 in a lighter shade, the other side of the coin. Just like my leave, life always comes at you with curved balls, it is left to you to flip to the side you want/see: you could see breaking you laptop screen while escaping from a keke napep whose brakes failed as an ACCIDENT or you flip that coin and see surviving the accident as a MIRACLE.

Wake up, praise your God, seize the day…

8 thoughts on “Canvas 2

  1. Don’t we all just “love” the MCs when they forget the whole event is about the couple and decide to make every buck available.

    Great read!!!

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