the randomness of the bay

Dear Rational friend,

I wrote you last week about my rational day turned irrational, that was just the beginning . Irrationality really started when we decided to leave land for the bay, Takwa Bay. We had left bar beach for CMS for some shots (pictures) and our plan was to head back to the mainland, but, the universe had better plans for us.

There were several boats by the jetty that day, all waiting for rational people mostly fishermen and women and takwans ( YES, if we are Lagosians then they also deserve a name) going to the bay because they had planned to go there. We simply got on the boat and patiently waited for people  with reasons to join the boat.  Fear crept in at this point, I suddenly recalled I could not swim and briefly adjusted my life jacket ( more like lifeless jacket by the way). What if the boat capsized? What if fuel finished and we had to wait in the middle of the sea ( or Atlantic) for the boat to be refueled? What if we got robbed or kidnapped? So many thoughts but it was rather too late to back out… the best part of heading for the bay.

The truth is, being rational is alot more stressful. Rationality takes planning, planning takes brain work and that takes time which is the one thing we do not have. I am not saying you should just dive in front of a fast approaching truck just to be irrational or random!!! I am only advising you my dear friend to stop thinking about that one thing you have always thought about doing and just do it. A friend once told me, “ideas fly around in the air and you usually ain’t the only one getting a whiff of that unique idea”. Not just  ideas though, what about a random visit to a pizza joint to buy one for a friend you have not seen in years? I wonder if Robin Williams’ friends had that irrational idea to go see him that morning and just abandoned the idea, because it was too random and not in their diary. Please burn that diary and stop letting your brain do the thinking, you own the brain.

Back to the boat ride:

The ride took 20 minutes (No, I did not time the ride) and I was briefly advised by rational co-passengers to hide my camera, apparently ‘the water go spoil am”. Heaven knows I hid that camera with so much speed you’d think it was coke. We reached the bay and I was briefly told by some passengers not to take shots yet as the navy will confiscate my camera ( wonder what they are hiding oh).

I was enthralled at several points while at the bay:

the beach, the sea and the skyline:  You can not help but wonder how they merge so effortlessly.

the three boats: We took pictures of these boats for so long some fisherman came to challenge us, apparently he felt we wanted to steal them 😦

stones: stones are gems and gems are beautiful…

the fisherman and the city: I guess this was the highlight for me, if you look at the background of the the fisherman pictures and then the fisherman, maybe you’d share my epiphany after that shot was taken.

LAGOS: Our city is beautiful, from the air, from the land, from across the bay and from the sea.




Next post will be bout my  sojourn into night time street photography…

4 thoughts on “the randomness of the bay

  1. Lol @takwans.
    Thanks for reminding us to be nicer to those friends and family we’d rather not see again but would be slightly pained once they die.

    Another thanks for reminding us to be spontaneous.

    Slight typo, an E is missing @ “( wonder what “thy” are hiding oh).”

    I did enjoy this post 🙂

    1. Lol, dear Garbi. Thanks for the comment. You don’t have to be nicer to them tho… Just call them??? As for spontaneity, I think we all need it oh, life’s too short for order!

      Thank for the correction, I think I will just leave like that tho (spontaneous)

      :* ;;)

  2. cool story, I enjoyed reading it.
    I think its very good to be spontaneous sometimes, but still rational in the back of the mind somewhere. Is that a contradiction?

    1. Lol, thanks Capt’n for reading.

      Life itself is a contradiction of thoughts, one just has to find a balance and not hold on to just one thought forever…

      Do you blog also?

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