my first leave away from the plantation… Day 3

Apologies readers, I have been away for far too long. That is what happens when you have a job that basically wants to own you or wants you to own it, zapping every ounce of… In photography, I have found a quantum of solace. I’d advise anyone reading this to find theirs also. This week I learnt a key thing about adversity; they come to teach you a lesson. The lesson for this week was HAPPINESS, it is not exactly a destination; it is now and it is your choice and your right. SEIZE IT…


Day 3 was the final trip, I was supposed to do Kwara state and Kogi state but the family called and I had to obey. Last day had us on a trip to Ikogosi warm springs in Ekiti. It was the longest and at some point, I believed we were lost.

It was a weird morning for me after I realized I had to cut short my trip, a part of me wanted to continue and the other wanted to go be with my family. The latter won of course, but  not before I went round the village that hosted me for 4 days. I still miss the village, everyone needs a trip out this monster called Lagos to somewhere only you know. I kept following some old lady to get a picture, then i took a picture of an abandoned building behind the lodge i was habored. I really do not know why, but, I find abandoned buildings interesting. Something about them just dying to tell a story bout their glory days. Lastly, I was accosted by some kids who insisted i took their pictures and also print… lets just say I still owe those kids their pictures.

Just like every other town or city located around a tourist attraction, this one also was underdeveloped. No good roads, No signs to follow all the way from the express to ikogosi. We had to rely on some young dude who claimed he was old enough to ride an okada. I managed to get lots of pictures while on the bike…

We got to the location really late and I had already used up the battery while on the bike ( bike trip took 30 minutes). I got some shots, will upload most of them in the gallery section.

Day 3 signaled the end of my trip but not the leave. Spent the rest in Abeokuta.

Subsequent posts will be about pictures I have taken and they will not be in any chronological order.

Thanks for checking the blog, please download the pictures, leave a comment, share the blog link and keep PHRanting!!!!!!!!!!

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